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In the days of darkness Man's only ray of hope was the Lord of Light...

Business and Production Development by Barry Ira Geller

The entire exploitation rights to the novel, both theatrical and all other multi-media rights are free and clear, with complete lineaged copyright documention signed by Doubleday and Roger Zelazny. All of which is currently available for sale or development. "In a distinguished career which produced many bold, award-winning works, this towering tale of invention and adventure may be Roger Zelazny's single most brilliant achievement." (-- Amazon Review)

During the period of 1978-1980, (the last time the project was publically promoted and prior to the CIA story covered elswhere on this site), professional associations included: a seasoned financial manager who managed four Studio heads, a Major Studio promise of distribution, an Oscar-winning actor's promise of participation, an Oscar-winning Makeup Special effects director's employment, the employment of the creative artist/designer responsible for 50% of the Comics Industry, two of the world's top science fiction writers consulting, two of the world's leading achitects, and last but not least the personal involvement of one of the world's most famous inventors.It was described as a property whose vast resources both creative and financial talent appreciated.

In late 2001 the project came in 2nd place with the SCIFI Channel as its next "Dune" series; unfortunately for all concerned management chose the more cerebral Amber Series novels (also by Zelazny), sunk a not-so-small fortune into its purchase and development, but the ambitious project floundered, sputtered, and died before even seeing pre-production. Thus sadly ended that Channel's foray into major Sci-Fi novel adaptation -- perhaps even including the tenure of the executives involved.

Here we are today in 2011-2012. The Lord of Light story's dramatic power, energy, and flight of Life Force still exists, stronger than ever, ready to be developed for today's Interactive, MultiMedia Content Marketplace. As if the marketplace itself has caught up with the dreams of the original producer. I want to take this fantastically written original story into the realms of our archetypal imagination utilizing the modern technologies to finally allow the birth of all the potential markets and income streams which this property can and will ensue.

All related business documentation including the screenplay, Set Breakdowns, Production Design Art, and all surveys and Book Reviews are available on DVD and can be sent to authorized production entities. The novel, and 140+ 5-Star international reviews can be found at Amazon.com

  • Structured on the same themes of the highest grossing science fiction, dramatic, and action fantasy films of our time
  • Over 3,000,000 copies sold World Wide
  • Winner of the top SF awards and considered one of the best Science Fiction Fantasy novels of all time
  • Critcally acclaimed Novel with a strong international cult following
  • Maintained positions in "top International 25 SF" lists for 30 years
  • Dozens of colorfully costumed techno creatures and characters, utilizing as many High-Tech weapons, form the basis of a strong international merchandising deployment arena through toys, video & computer games, commercials, Internet media shows, etc.
  • Wide open for international casting and financing
  • Screenplay and film rights to Jack Kirby's legendary production designs part of the package
  • Massive Toys, Graphic Novel, Comics, and all New Media Content rights available. The Lord of Light Story and Novel is one of the few Science Fiction / Fantasy stories which will build major income streams from multiple media platforms -- even before the Feature Film itself goes into Distribution!
  • Well known Author has dozens of award-winning books in print, with a large international cult following.
  • DVD / Video Interactive Game Script available

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