Planetary Control Room.

The Lord of Light Art series was envisioned and designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby, drawn with incendiary brilliance by Jack and inked with devastating intensity by Mike Royer. Each Kirby architectual masterpiece was created both as a film set design and theme park illustration. Each Art Print portrays the same kick-ass, roving birds-eye view style Jack was famous for, ranging from the power of Captain America and Fantastic Four, to the majesty of Thor and the New Gods. As depicted in Wired Magazine May 2007, this is one of the Lord Of Light prints CIA spies used to secretly free six American Hostages from Iran.

Feel the true power and passion of work of Jack "King" Kirby.

Jet Tube Transporter


Jack Kirby: "Jack - What about the Gods' transportation device? I see a kind of bullet-device like some kind or 'Tube' which they operate by thought, and it zaps them where ever they want to go in Heaven. What do you think?" "(a day or two later) Here! This is the god, Brahma, on his personal carrier. I wouldn't want to get in his way myself." "Wow! Thanks Jack!"

Lord of Light:  Beckoning at nearly teleportational speeds, the gods travel the great expanses of Heaven in mystic trance with their levitating cars. (a Kirby-Geller invention, just so you know!)

Science Fiction Land: Connecting the major sections and sites of Science Fiction Land will be the Jet Tube Sky Ride.

The Jet Tube Sky Ride will carry one hundred passengers through the skies and distribute them to all the major attractions in the park. Two such rides will always be in operation. Inside the huges, bullet-shaped cylinder, costumed attendendents will distribute soft drinks and a food bar will also be available.

Along the walls of each passenger section there will be video monitors which will show current operations of various parts of the Park. This will also act as visual brochure for points of interest and directions.

The Jet Tube Sky Ride will be a working model of future trnsportation, called MagLev, forwhich uses electromagnetic fields to levitate and propel a train over long distances. It will employ powerful superconducting magnets along the bottom of the vehicle to reate repulsive force against electrical current along a conducting aluminum gueideway. A separate superconducting system achieves propulsion - the The Jet Tube Sky Ride is "pulled" forward by attraction to ther magnetic field in the guideway ahead of it while a repulsive magnetic force "pushes" the vehicle from behind it.

Large tinted windows give the passengers a view floying over the Park while the The Jet Tube Sky Ride speeds on, tunnelling through its transparent plastic tubular shell. Speeds, however, will be slow enough to allow passengers to fully enjoy themselves on their ride across the skies.

The Jet Tube Sky Ride will be used to transport visitors from nearby airports to all points of Science Fiction Land and beyond.


In Memory of Jack and Roz!
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