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In the days of darkness Man's only ray of hope was the Lord of Light...

Links to information about Roger Zelazny, including awards, reviews, and reader polls for the Hugo-Award winning novel,

Lord of Light

Amazon listing for Lord of Light starting with a review by Amazon's UK Exec Editor. Lord of Light averages 128+ 5-star reviews from excited readers around the world. The novel, and its 5-Star international reviews can be found at Amazon.com

The best, most current, most comprehensive Roger Zelazny Page by Norris Thomlinson

A complete listing of all Roger Zelazny's awards

2003 Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List - Lord of Light - #28 -- VOTE FOR LOL Here!

1998 Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List - Lord of Light - #17

2001 Russian Top 50 World SF (in Russian) - Lord of Light - #13 (in 3rd section)

Alta Vista Babelfish translation of 2001 Russian Top 50 World SF - Lord of Light (in 3rd section)

Danny Yee's Book Reviews calls Lord of Light a favorite SF novel of all time

Greatest Fantasy Novel Ever Written - RATman Reviews

Roger Zelazny named best Fantasy Novelist ever - RATman Reviews

Douglas McElroy calls Lord of Light Zelazny's best novel

Lord of Light - listing of available published translations - (currently 13)

List of the prestigious Hugo Awards - Zelazny won 6




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