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The Lord of Light web site is dedicated to three men:

Roger Zelazny, whose inter-dimensional writing style spanned universes and transcended time and space, completely redefining the experience of reading fantasy and science fiction for my entire generation. Roger had the ability to bring to life all the power and force of historical mythology in the forms of living men and women as few writers have ever been able. ...Whose ability to create new, very real and livable civilizations which engulfed us was rarely equaled; and, in whose many award-winning books we get the idea of a new form of sentience within ourselves, permeating outwards into an infinite number of realities yet never forsaking the plausibility and passion of our own.


Jack Kirby, without whose powerhouse creative vision and kick-ass illustrative style there would not have been the recognition of the Myth of the Super Hero as many of us know it today, let alone the gentleness, force, and major inspiration of modern comic books and comic book characters that have influenced us all. ...Whose stories, saturated with integrity and honor, by themselves created new genres that have reached to almost every corner of our world. ...Whose sheer no-quarter-given creativity and power of draftsmanship endowed his characters with such life that their popularity rages on undiminished, decades later. Some people say Jack was ahead of his time. Comics Collector Brad Sloan from California says, "No. Time started with Jack Kirby."


And, myself, Barry Ira Geller, for my driving ambition, vision, and personal purpose in buying the rights to the novel and collaborating with such steller talents like Jack Kirby, John Chambers, Maurice Stein, Ray Bradbury, and Buckminster Fuller to breathe life into my production designs based upon my screenplay of Roger Zelazny's most classic work.

Although my grand attempt to bring together scientists from around the world with a new Technology Center, and build Science Fiction Theme Park based upon Jack's and Roger's stuff did not work out, I have persisted in following my original dream throughout the years to bring both of these men's best work to a new level of cultural recognition with my belief that this project will make a difference in our perception of our lives on this planet. And finally, my continuing belief of the extreme financial rewards of the Lord of Light Project, from theatrical release to all forms of world-wide merchandising.

About "Lord of Light".

This is a novel about a future world conquered by settlers from a distant planet called Zelazny calls "Urth". Through advanced technology they give themselves godlike powers and even set themselves up as "gods" from the Hindu Pantheon. They rule the current population, descended from the passengers of the original starship, from a city they build named Heaven. Called The First, they have achieved a kind of immortality by transferring their identities from old bodies to new ones. These deicrats (as Zelazny calls them) through centuries of "divine" rule, have become corrupt, and only one among them will openly oppose their tyranny. He is the hero, "who was variously known as Mahasamatman, Kalkin, Manjusri, Siddhartha, Tathagatha, Binder of Demons, Maitreya, the Enlightened One, Buddha and Sam - The Lord of Light". .

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