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In the days of darkness Man's only ray of hope was the Lord of Light...

Roger Zelazny                                        Roger Zelazny


Born in 1937, Roger Zelazny left his mark in the Science Fiction literature of the 60s and 70s. His first story was published in 1962, and he went on to publish more than 150 short stories and 50 books. His best works include the novels "Lord of Light" (1967), "This Immortal" (1966), "Creatures of Light and Darkness" (1969), and the Amber series of novels, as well as many excellent short stories and collections.

"Lord of Light" and The Amber series became cult classics and sold millions of copies from their original printings. Zelazny was considered the leader of Science Fiction's "New Wave" movement. Emphasising the psychology of his characters, as well elaborate ideas and literary settings, his writings won acclaim from both critics and readers. Zelazny's prose is often known to blur the distinction between Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Some of his best known novels were based on the mythologies of various cultures. "Lord of Light" is based on the Hindu pantheon. The Amber Series emulates the Tarot deck, with a family of mythical Magicians, traveling through space and time. Egyptian gods and goddesses populate his "Creatures of Light and Darkness." His "Eye of Cat" features elements of Navajo religion and folklore.

He won many awards for his work, including 6 Hugos and two Nebulas, "Lord of Light," Zelazny's personal favorite, won his second Hugo in 1968. His novel, "Damnation Alley," was made into a film with a strong european and asian following. The Amber Series is slated for an upcoming mini-series on the SCI-FI Channel. Zelazny, who had been battling cancer for several months, died June 14th 1995.

Even though the novel, "Lord of Light" went out of print in 1992, after 30 printings, in 1999 it was still found among the top 30 in "Best SF" lists around the world. Based upon these statistics and ongoing literary recognition, Avon Books decided to reprint the novel in March of 2000. Sales have flourished internationally, yielding a whole new crop of readers and fans. "Lord of Light" is recognized as Roger Zelazny's "most brilliant achievement" and "one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time."

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