Quantcast Lord of Light: Roger Zelazny's inter-dimensional writing style spanned universes, Jack Kirby's powerhouse creativity and kick-ass illustrative style, Barry Ira Geller's vision to bring it all to the screen.

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July 22, 2014: Welcome to the 2014 New Limited First Edition of the Jack Kirby / Lord of Light artwork -- completely recreated. Enjoy!

    The Lord of Light Art Series

    The Lord of Light Art Series was envisioned and designed by Barry Ira Geller and legendary comic book creator, Jack Kirby, based upon Geller's screenplay. Each rendering was drawn with incendiary brilliance by Jack and inked with devastating intensity by Mike Royer.

    Each Kirby architectural masterpiece was created both as a film set design and theme park illustration. Each Art Print portrays the same panoramic, roving birds-eye view style Jack was famous for, ranging from the power of Captain America and Fantastic Four, to the majesty of Thor and the New Gods. As depicted in Wired Magazine May 2007, these are the Lord of Light prints CIA spies used to secretly free six American Hostages from Iran in 1979.

    "Jack and I started with my idea of doing both Lord of Light film sets and Science Fiction Land theme park designs from the same drawings. This would then become a method of preserving his design flow throughout the entire development and production of Lord of Light and Science Fiction Land theme park. In this fashion Jack would remain, "The General," my conferred role upon him.

    Barry Ira Geller

    The 2014 Limited Edition Prints, First Edition

    The limited, first edition prints are fully restored and enhanced from the original print negatives that were produced from the 1978 original art, and created for the Sothebys' auction in 1993. The negatives were scanned in high-resolution then meticulously restored and digitally enhanced in 2013-2014, to provide the best quality image, even better than the original images. Jack would really be proud of this work, done by digital reconstructionist, Tom Kraft.

    The final fully restored, high-resolution images are printed at full, 20"x24" size as Giclée prints on Epson Hot Press Natural, Smooth Fine Art Heavy Weight (16mm) paper. This paper is archival, acid-free, 100% cotton fiber paper with no optical brighteners.

    "I have seen samples of this new printing and it is the best prints from the Original Kirby have seen in 35 years!"
    Barry Ira Geller

    Prints are numbered 1-100 with the first 10 in reserve. Each print is number, signed by Barry Ira Geller and stamped with the official Jack Kirby Museum logo. There will be a total of 14-20x24 prints with the Planetary Control Room as 2 individual prints. 20x24 prints are in same numbered sets. Sets will include 7 prints each. Set #1 is available now (see below). A future release of the Planetary Control Room will combine the 2 individual prints, as Jack Kirby originally envisioned it a single drawing, into a full 24x40 print.AVAILABLE NOW, LIMITED RELEASE

    What is so cool: I will be signing each print with one of Jack's very own draughting pencils found on his drawing table & given to me by Roz Kirby.

    Buying Prints

    Set #1 of 7 prints are available now. This set includes:

    1. JetTube transporter
    2. Science Fiction Land
    3. Terminal of the Gods
    4. Hostel of Hawkana
    5. Pavillions of Joy
    6. Sam / Mahasamatman
    7. Northeast Corner Of Heaven

    Please click on the images below to order your sets and prints.

    Each print is placed in an archival Mylar, 3.6 mil (BOPP) crystal clear sleeve. This is an ideal way to present, protect and store your collectible Jack Kirby Artwork.

    Mylar is completely archival and safe for long-term storage. The sleeve has a reusable adhesive strip designed to withstand repeated opening and closing Adhesive strip is placed on the body (not flap) of the bag to aid in safely inserting and removing the artwork.

    All Prints ship flat with 4 layers of corrugated cardboard.

    Prices are more affordable than ever before!

    $1250.00 (Full set of 7) - A $1400.00 value
    $25.00 Shipping ($40 for both Sets)
    Both Sets shipped in a special thick super strong box you will love.
    $100.00 deposit on Set #1 or #2 of same print number. Remainder of purchase price must be made within 7 days.

    Sorry, no deposits on single prints.

    For the first time ever, a real high-end package of the Art of Jack Kirby. The best package ever made in the world!

    A percentage of all sales will go to the Jack Kirby Museum. And we have the foremost Digital Reconstructionist -- Tom Kraft, recreating the master negatives and printing. After seeing the work he donated to the Kickstarter campaign for Science Fiction Land, I couldn't have anyone else!

    Future Releases

    Print Set #2

    The second set will not be ready for several months, but if you wish to purchase both sets with the same low numbers, we will ship Print Set #1 and reserve your number for Print Set #2. A $100.00 deposit on Print Set #2 is required to reserve your number. Unique in the world!

    As with Print Set #1, numbering shall commence at 1, through 100. For those who have contacted me, I will be notifying you. But the sooner anyone lets me know their interest, the lower the print number will be available and resserved for you. Any Questions? Desires? Rants? Needs? Email us at:

    The prints for Set #2 will be:

    1. Planetary Control Room: Raga Wheel Vortex
    2. Planetary Control Room: The Hand of Shiva
    3. Planetary Control Room: FULL Size 24" x 40"
    4. Royal Chambers of Brahma (Exterior)
    5. Royal Chambers of Brahma (Interior)
    6. Faces of the Gods
    7. Brahma's Supremacy
    8. includes the Planetary Control Room as a vast and devastatingly beautiful 24"x40" single print.

    Jack Kirby's 24" x 40" Awesome Full Size Planetary Control Room - limited availability Now as a SINGLE Print!

    Set #2 (above) includes the Planetary Control Room as a single Individual print. This limited edition print will combine the 2 prints into one large 40"x24" print.It is shipped in a wide and large Mailer. Jack Kirby originally envisioned it as a single drawing. (as a Single print, there is no internal borders of 1" each, hence 40 inches wide)

    Like Sets #1 and #2, The Planetary Control Room will be printed as a Giclée on the same archival paper stock and shipped in a Mylar sleeve).


    This full-sized astonishing vision called Planetary Control Room, which costs $500.00 as a Single Print, also comes as part of Set #2 plus shipping.

    Set #2 is shipped in a special thick super strong box you will love.
    $1500.00 (Full set of 7) -

    Artist Limited Edition Box Set

    Currently we are working on getting the most incredible (and somewhat expensive) full-size acid-free clamshell box set of all 14 prints.

    The box set includes the following:

    1. Thick, acid-free clamshell box with graphics and printing to store your prints
    2. The fill set of 14 prints assembled in Mylar Sleeves
    3. A booklet describing the creation of each drawing and the history of Science Fiction Land with a timeline by Barry Ira Geller of work with Jack Kirby
    4. The details and final design of the box set is still in process. A KickStarter campaign is envisioned so funds can be raised for producing this incredible piece. The campaign will offer special pricing the clamshell plus other levels of donations such as individual prints. More information will follow so please check back.


    All Info here is subject to final changes.

Click on an image to view a larger version & get print history. !

SET #1 ~ Reserve or purchase your low numbered Sets Now.

Hostel of Hawkana

Pavilions of Joy

Terminal of the Gods
Jet Tube Transporter
Sam - Lord of Light
Northeast Corner of Heaven
Set #2-7 Kirby Lord of Light w/ 24x40 Planetary Control Room

Science Fiction Land
Full Set #1 - 7 Kirby Lord of Light Prints

Jack Kirby Interview

Lord Ganesh Chief Councilor
Lord Yama God of Death
Lord Agni God of Fire


Click on an image to view a larger version & get print history. !

SET #2 ~ Reserve or purchase your low numbered Sets Now.

Raga Wheel Vortex

Buy Now

The Planetary Control Room
40" x 24"

The Hand of Shiva
Brahma's Supremacy
Royal Chambers of Brahma (Interior)
Royal Chambers of Brahma
Faces of the Gods


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