Planetary Control Room.

The Lord of Light Art series was envisioned and designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby, drawn with incendiary brilliance by Jack and inked with devastating intensity by Mike Royer. Each Kirby architectual masterpiece was created both as a film set design and theme park illustration. Each Art Print portrays the same kick-ass, roving birds-eye view style Jack was famous for, ranging from the power of Captain America and Fantastic Four, to the majesty of Thor and the New Gods. As depicted in Wired Magazine May 2007, this is one of the Lord Of Light prints CIA spies used to secretly free six American Hostages from Iran.

Feel the true power and passion of work of Jack "King" Kirby.

Northeast Corner of Heaven

History (1978):

Jack Kirby: The direction I took here with Jack was to explore "reverse-engineering" concepts of existing Hindu and Tibetan Temples and architecture. I wanted it to be very real to us mortals that our earliest mythos came from copying the "Gods'" original civilization. We both went crazy with this one. Jack and I poured though many books and the design here is based completely upon actual mandelic architectural construction. (you wanna know which books we went through? send me an e-mail and I will send you a list!). The Jet Tube Transporter, Heaven's personal transporation device, is depicted running along side of many buildings. Zelazny's idea of a "Thunder Chariot" is placed here as the gods' main vehicle, and we have it launching, appropriately, from the highest level of the Holy Chakra Pyramid, on the lower left. This is reflected in many religions and myth as the Atman, the God Chakra, the Channel to God. Ho-hummm. Just another normal day in Heaven....

Lord of Light:  From the Chakra Pyramid, a NASA-type complex, the Thunder Chariot is housed and launched. The Thunder Chariot is equipped with the latest laser, tractor-beam, and repeller-beam electronic weapons. It works off of a combined anti-grav and jet power. On the exterior of the building there is tier upon tier of colored quartz-crystal panels. As the Thunder Chariot is energized the colors of the panels change until reaching such high oscillation that the panels turn white and the Thunder Chariot is launched.

From the Chambers of the Gods, a great structure where the highest ranking Demigods live on the lower levels and at the very top is the Council chambers of the Gods. Here, in the vast, laser-light filled dome-like top, special occaisons like the "Festival of the First" are held each year.

From the Pavilion of the Gods of Karma, Grand Temple of Reincarnation, a cavernous cuboid structure which is perennially dark, walls and ceilings are crystalline stuctures. they vibarate different colors according to the spatial area in which the Gods step, lighting up neon-like cylinders along the way which blink on down the line into the center construction, according to the God's thought pattern. The floors and walls respond to thought patterns to create various screaming sounds, the closer one gets to the Reincarnation Chamber proper. Yama the Deathgod's personal computers and all his electronic bio-weapons research is also centered here. The walls are alive with the hummm of the greatest Karmic Work.

Science Fiction Land: ( from right to left)
- Jet Tube Transporter
- Becons at Top from Dome
- Parade of Elephants (Statues)
- Large Restaurants at street level
- Planetarium
- Thunder Chariot Space ride
- Reincarnation / Rejuvenation Health Center
- Jet Tube Sky Ride (top left corner)
- Interior Malls and Arcades
- Tower of Four Winds
- Arena for Shows


In Memory of Jack and Roz!
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